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As your heart starts to pound as you stepped off the platform, leaving the comforting safety of wooden planks for a harness attaching you to a steel cable. As you zip through the air over the lush Thai jungle, a grin and laughter spread across your face. You are was flying away on a serene adventure!

According to recent surveys, over 80% of Flying Hanuman visitors rank their zip-line tour as the most unforgettable travel experience. After zip-lining over numerous stations crossing 2 kilometers of stunning tropical landscape, I see why, it is the most must-visit adventure parks in Phuket.

Flying Hanuman tops popularity polls for good reason, their world-class zip-lining combines adrenaline rushes with personalized customer service. Expert guides operate state-of-the-art equipment while sharing stories about Thailand culture, history, and ecology during the 2.5 hours of adventure. Small tour sizes ensure each guest receives personal attention, from harness fitting to photo taking to navigating the course. In post-trip surveys, over 90% of customers rate their Flying Hanuman guides as “excellent.”

Horizon Flying
Horizon Flying

As we soared along,  you could spot many of the jungle’s iconic butterflies fluttering around and many other birds going about their business.  Yet from up top,  you can observe, other visitors doing zipline from different platforms. This is all from a divine perspective that few ever experience. You can even hear the clean pristine Kathu Waterfall nearby.

The sights and sounds while on the adventure were incredible. The kaleidoscopic of the green lush rainforest gives guests the ultimate zipline trip fit for the most adventurous adrenaline seekers across the globe. Yet as incredible as the surroundings were, you will not be able to take your eyes off of the amazing and picturesque views of the infamous city.

You can have the best photos from up top and across the ziplines. You will endure some of the best and most wildest zipline adventures ever when you have fun at Flying Hanuman Phuket.

Tour Adventure for kids
Tour Adventure for kids

Zipping over rivers and waterfalls is exhilarating, but refueling at the jungle cafe afterwards is equally essential. Diners consistently rank Flying Hanuman’s cafe as the #1 meal of their Thai visit. The eatery, constructed from recycled materials by local craftsmen, offers fresh, organic fare sourced from their permaculture farm.

And superb Thai coffee ensures zero post-adrenaline crashes! With flavorful food and stunning architecture integrated harmoniously into the jungle, the cafe epitomizes Flying Hanuman’s commitment to sustainable, community-oriented tourism.

Don’t forget to purchase professional photos capturing your zip-line tour! Flying Hanuman’s skilled photographers position themselves at key spots along the course, snapping high-quality shots of you soaring, smiling, and celebrating. Visitors appreciate having keepsake photos available immediately after their tour.

And with backdrops showcasing lush tropical foliage, the images make fantastic social media posts too #flyinghanuman has over 60,000 tags on Instagram! For a once-in-a-lifetime experience blended with eco-consciousness and cultural connections, other Thai zip-line tours can’t compare to Flying Hanuman. Stunning scenery, expert guides, mouthwatering food, fantastic photos and a phenomenal tour awaits. Come fly with us!

Riding on the most epic adventure through the lush and beautiful rainforest in the heart of Phuket. Will bring all of your memories and dreams to life. Come and enjoy the outdoors with us on the ultimate adventure package that is waiting for you.

We are here to serve you every step of the way. Just give us a call or stop by in person and make a booking. Or simply enjoy one of our other adventures within the park including our famous Three monkeys restaurant.