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Crank Up the Thrills on Flying Hanuman’s Epic FH2 Zipline

Phuket Ziplining Flying Hanuman

For those  exciting adrenaline adventurers yearning to elevate their Phuket zip-lining escapades to an even greater height, look no further than the heart-pounding FH2 course offered by Flying Hanuman.

Comprising an impressive array of 28 platforms equipped with parallel lines designed for exhilarating your vacation experiences. This thrilling adventure promises a continuous surge of adrenaline as you traverse the lush jungle canopy of Phuket. As you learn what it is like to embark on safe thrill like the Hanuman monkey God.

Getting ready for the exciting adventure in Phuket and Flying Hanuman make sure you dress in comfortable clothing and wear shoes that have your feet inclosed.There is a bit of hiking and other ways to enjoy flying hanuman as you approach your very first zip-line glide.

Adventuring through the lush green jungle you will hear the peaceful sounds of the waterfall nearby along with the birds chripping and butterflies flying around you, this is the way to enjoy the outdoor life of Phuket.

Your exhilarating journey begins with the process of gearing up, readying yourself for a unique ascent towards the treetop launchpads. These platforms, ingeniously reached through a combination of sky bridges and stairs, serve as the gateway to your ziplining experience. Once securely harnessed to the cable, the moment of takeoff arrives, launching you into a mesmerizing flight through the dense tropical foliage.

What sets the FH2 zipline course apart is the availability of parallel lines, making it a perfect opportunity for spirited duels with friends or family members. As you glide through the verdant expanse, you’ll find yourself racing alongside your fellow riders, each striving to reach the next platform first. The course’s pièce de résistance is an electrifying 800-meter-long zipline that promises both breathtaking speed and a bird’s-eye view of the rainforest floor.

zipline Skyrail
zipline Skyrail


While excitement is the goal take center stage, safety remains paramount throughout the FH2 experience. Expert guides provide comprehensive hands-on training before the inaugural zip, ensuring that participants are well-versed in braking techniques and proper riding posture.

Additionally, the top-tier equipment utilized in this course adheres to stringent international standards, offering peace of mind for all thrill-seekers. And all adventurers alike can experience a once in a lifetime exploration rain or sun.Once you embark upon our ultimate zip-line experiences you will soon understand the luxury and excitement that our visitors go through upon their arrival and adventure play time. From kids to adults there something for everyone here.

We do not disappoint and we bring all the excitement to Phuket. Get away from the bustling city life, away from the beaches hot sand and crowds of people. Come and enjoy the multitude of adventures in this park, with great people, great staff, and great food, but most of all awesome fun!

While the original Flying Hanuman course undoubtedly provides an exceptional ziplining experience, FH2 takes the adventure to the next level by condensing the 28 platforms into a tighter area, creating a continuous ziplining sensation from one line to the next. Brace yourself for a remarkable workout that engages not only your sense of adventure but also your physical stamina.

Adventure zipline
Adventure zipline


For those who desire to elevate their Phuket adventure to new heights, quite literally, the FH2 zip-line course beckons. It is the ideal choice for those seeking the ultimate thrill, ultimate adventure and for those looking to push their boundaries in the captivating backdrop of the tropical jungle of Phuket.

This adventure is for the new-comers who are having a hard time trying to figure out what they want to adventure and get into while on vacation in Thailand. For those who are seeking a super expedition through the amazingly beautiful sunny Thailand island.

However, be forewarned – the FH2 experience may leave you positively addicted to the heart-pounding adrenaline rush it delivers, and it will want you coming back for more of what we have to offer here at Flying Hanuman.

Bucket list zipline adventure
Bucket list zipline adventure