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Adrenaline and Thrills on Epic Ziplines

Adventure Zipline at Flying Hanuman

Adrenaline Thrills

Perched high atop a towering cliffside platform, you peer down at the lush folds of jungle canopy undulating like emerald waves far below. As you step up clipped into your harness, breaths deepen and senses heighten. Eyes widen to take in 180-degree vistas of ultra-green rainforest and glints of turquoise sea on the horizon. Then with a whoosh, you are soaring superman-style on one of Flying Hanuman’s epic zipline tours high above the island.

Gravity accelerates you faster and faster along steel cables stretching nearly half a mile, giving you a bird’s eye glimpse of Phuket’s most vibrant landscapes. Your heart pounds, cheeks pull back in involuntary grins, and gleeful shouts echo off mountain ridges as you ride air currents like a playful gibbon swinging freely through forest tops.

And in these moments of breathless adventure, you aren’t just seeing Phuket’s treasures,you are part of them, hugging every sweeping curve as the wooded wonderland rushes spectacularly below. You enjoy the satifaction of being on the epic journey that Flying Hanuman offers with its ziplines.

Adrenaline Skybridge
Adrenaline Skybridge

Adrenaline & Screams

Flying Hanuman’s series of ziplines range from a gentle 200 meters perfect for first-timers, to a hair-raising one-kilometre run where you can hit exhilarating speeds over 60 kilometres per hour!  Yet the clan of friendly guides make sure fun and safety come first across ability levels on this multi-award winning jungle tour.

After getting clipped in to state-of-the-art gear, they lead informative briefings on the forest ecosystem and flying fox ecology before cheering you on zipline by zipline. It’s a confidence-boosting thrill ride where embarrassed smiles quickly morph into bold, beaming ones as you soar over lush valleys.

A true stand-out is the dual zipline allowing side-by-side racing 500 meters directly above Hanuman World’s private Gibbon Rehabilitation Center which rescues these adorable apes from circuses and illegal hunting trade. Catch a glimpse of their fuzzy families far below in their protected jungle enclosures on this split track built to raise awareness.

Then it’s on to the grand finale almost one kilometer long sweeping over no less than seven cascading waterfalls as you pick up incredible speed – seeing Phuket’s treasures in all their glory!Yet most who dare to zip end up hooked, eager to discover more sky-high thrills that only Phuket’s beloved Hanuman World can deliver.

Adrenaline Abseil
Adrenaline Abseil

As the final descent returns you to base camp, feet settle back on solid ground but spirits still soar high. Laughing friends or multi-generational families reunite to swap stories and GoPro footage and photos, bonding over a shared sense of accomplishment.

Flying Hanuman’s guides make sure every guest feels like a VIP, even presenting t-shirts to “graduate” newcomers to this new adventure sport after their maiden airborne voyage over the rainforest.

Safety is also the biggest paramount here. Their smart belay pulley system attaches to two separate cables for backup along with built-in speed brakes that activate automatically if ever needed. This gives their zip-lines an impeccable safety record since opening nearly 15 years ago.

Yet it’s such intelligent precautions that provide assurance for younger or elderly visitors to take on the Superman cables without hesitation. Some zippers have even been aged 4 to 80 according to the Hanuman team! While coasting 400 meters high towards panoramas of shimmering Phuket framed by your feet, you’ll witness nature’s majesty from a perspective normally only birds ever glimpse.

And you’ll understand in your quickening pulse why zip-lining adventures make such lasting memories for first-timers and enthusiasts alike. Come and enjoy the most amazing time you will have in Phuket.

Adrenaline & Thrills for all
Adrenaline & Thrills for all

If you are vacationing in Thailand and looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush to complete your vacation. Then we at Flying Hanuman are here to help you and give you an amazing adventure. We will give you an adventure you will never forget. There will be many memories made and many things to do here at our park.

So if you want to book the ultimate park adventure you can contact us by booking online, via email, WhatsApp, or our line app. We are here to serve you for the best adventures. For all of our adrenaline seekers who are on a mission with us to create a better eco-friendly adventure park. Strap on your harnesses and lace up your shoes, because we are here to help you enjoy the most adventurous vacation ever.