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Conquer the Dizzying Ultimate Leap in Phuket’s Lush, Unforgiving Forest

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Nestled amid lush rainforest just minutes from Phuket’s idyllic beaches lies a hidden world that sparks imagination and quickens pulses – Flying Hanuman Adventure Park. Inspired by the revered monkey hero of Thai mythology, this sprawling aerial playground tempts visitors to unleash their daring inner explorer amongst the towering forest giants.

Though opened only in 2018 by the pioneering Pantip family, Flying Hanuman has rapidly gained global fame as a bucket list destination for adventure seekers of all ages. According to the Themed Entertainment Association’s 2022 report, Flying Hanuman saw attendance soar over 30% in the past year to reach a remarkable 650,000 thrill-seeking visitors.

Such explosive growth from a little-known local park to one of Phuket’s star attractions is attributed to the sheer uniqueness of its heart-pumping experiences found nowhere else on earth. Adrenaline junkies travel far and wide to challenge their courage on the park’s extensive courses and cutting-edge sky rides integrated innovatively amongst the rainforest’s natural landscapes.

Phuket adventure fun
Phuket adventure fun

The star and namesake attraction that sets guests’ pulses into overdrive is the 1,200-meter-long Flying Hanuman Zipline. Secured in a comfortable harness, riders soar Superman-style for nearly a kilometer through the lush tree canopy, gaining thrilling momentum as gravity pulls them past hilltop vistas overlooking Phuket’s shimmering Andaman Sea coastline.

Since its opening in 2021, the Flying Hanuman Zipline has drawn extensive media acclaim for its sheer adrenaline-inducing intensity that can reach speeds over 100 km/hr.

For those who prefer both feet on the ground, the park excels with miles of jungle walking trails filled with unique sights. The acclaimed seating area to enjoy the food from the restaurant menu is a great place to relax and enjoy the nice breeze and serene sounds of the waterfall within the jungle area.

We also have open air hammocks if you want to sit and read while your friends and family play their 1-2 hour long course. Our courses send travelers of all ages through suspension rope bridges, aerial platforms, and towering spiral staircases offering bird’s-eye perspectives of spectacular jungle scenery.

Phuket adventure flying fun

Yet founder Prapon Pantip emphasizes that Flying Hanuman is more than just an amusement park – it is an opportunity to immerse in the wondrous tropical environs that shape Thailand’s natural heritage. The lush forest setting with its diversity of exotic plants and wildlife encourages visitors to slow down and embrace their lush surroundings.

The park promotes environmental conservation by funding forest restoration efforts so future generations can enjoy the same awe-inspiring landscape.

In the end, Flying Hanuman offers more than momentary excitement through gravity-defying rides and sky-high challenges. By interweaving recreation with Phuket’s ancient rainforests, the park inspires renewed appreciation for the islands astounding natural landscapes. For modern travelers increasingly detached from nature’s splendor, the mythical Hanuman still has lessons to impart through forest adventures that spark enduring wonder.

Phuket Adventure Abseil

If you are in Phuket and you and your family are looking to have an amazing fun-filled adventure. Well, booking an adventure at Flying Hanuman will have you screaming at the top of your lungs and ready to fly high in the sky. Flying amongst the jungle trees and century-old trees will have your heart pumping.

Walking on the highest bridges in the jungle to abseiling on the highest trees. This is the adventure of a lifetime, and here at Flying Hanuman, we are waiting for you. Come and enjoy this beautiful jungle scenery with us. Book your adventure trip today, with us!!