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A Soaking Songkran Adventure for All

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Songkran Water Festival

Look no further than the Flying Hanuman in Phuket. This sprawling zipline adventure park transforms into a soaking battleground of splashing revelry for the Thai New Year festivities from April 13th to 15th. Here at Flying Hanuman, we are ready to celebrate with you and join in on the fun with all of the water extravaganzas.

Tucked into the lush emerald forests of Phuket’sforest, Flying Hanuman’s canopy setting makes for a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop for Songkran excitement. As you arrive at the park, you’ll be immediately enveloped in a riotously vibrant atmosphere. Vibrant banners, garlands of flowers, and intricately hand-crafted Thai decorations adorn nearly every surface. Upbeat music blasts from speakers as revelers equipped with trail hiking take you through the jungle pathways, on an adventure for all to endure during this amazing festival.

Songkran, Sun and Fun

Once you start gearing up for your amazing adventure on the zip-line course, you will be fitted into a bright yellow and black safety harness as well as a bright red blue, or green helmet. With good karma on your side, it’s time to soar through Flying Hanuman’s thrilling zipline courses while getting completely drenched from head to toe.

Here at Flying Hanuman, we are here to make sure your experience is the best experience that you can have while visiting Phuket. Go on an adventure with us to explore what the zipline adventure has to offer.

Songkran Fun on Abseil

The park’s zip lines stretch across 2.8 miles of twisting cables suspended high above cascading waterfalls and rugged rainforest ravines. At certain segment points, you will find yourself zooming straight through enormous arches erupting with screams and whoo hoo’s from all angles. Laughing staff positioned at the other end of the zones unleash excitement from all over the park, ensuring no one passes through without feeling the rush of the adventure park beneath their feet.

Even more daring are the three jaw-dropping zipline runs that layer on additional Songkran excitement. On the first, you’ll get completely immersed in the 1-hour long adventure including sky bridges, and abseil drops. The next packaged zip-line adventure will send you plunging on the longest zip-line vertically into refreshing views of Phuket Town as you can enjoy the high-flying action.

But the grand finale is the Big Surprise where you’ll zoom directly through a gigantic gushing waterfall for an intense view of all the exotic birds and waterfall sounds around you. Flying Hanuman is one the best zip-line adventure parks to explore when you are visiting the renowned world of Thailand.

Songkran fun in the Jungle

In between zipline runs, you can engage in epic hiking battles across Flying Hanuman’s activity zones. Friendly staffers dole out fun and any vessels that they can uphold for all of our visitors to enjoy the jungle trail and forest. Children and adults alike delight in enjoying each other through the misty forest trails while unleashing torrents of screams and laughs at every opportunity.

For a break from the breathless action, head to the park’s cultural zone to learn about the history and traditions behind the park and Songkran’s traditional history. Here you’ll find vibrant exhibits and demonstrating and spotlighting all of the visitors that have come to flying hanuman in recent years, and why it is voted one of the top eco-friendly adventure parks in Phuket. It is a fascinating glimpse into Songkran’s cultural richness. And the richness of Flying Hanuman’s history.

Songkran Happiness for all

Once you have worked up an appetite, you and your family can refuel at Flying Hanuman’s centerpiece restaurant and bar area. This open-air bamboo pavilion stays in the spirit of the water festival and traditional Thai snacks to revive you after all the zipline adrenaline. The vibe is lively and celebratory, as servers roam around misting diners with hydrating sprays of cucumber water the perfect refreshment under the warm tropical sun.

Whether you are an adventure junkie seeking an epic addition to your Songkran celebrations or a family looking for a truly memorable way to experience Thai New Year’s traditions. Flying Hanuman delivers aquatic thrills galore. Soaring through the treetops while getting emphatically drenched is an exhilarating way to partake in the world’s biggest water fight. Just be sure to have a change of dry clothes for afterward – you’re guaranteed to be sopping wet from head to toe!