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Your Ultimate Guide to Ziplining at Flying Hanuman: An Exhilarating Treetop Adventure

Must-Visit Fun Park

If you’re seeking an exhilarating new adventure in Thailand, look no further than Flying Hanuman Adventure Park – Asia’s highest zipline giving you an eagle-eye view of some of the island’s most verdant tropical landscapes. Attached to a harness, you’ll soar on long cables from platform to platform through lush rainforest in the mountainous northern region of the island.

It’s a unique way to experience Phuket’s natural beauty as you take in spectacular vistas you can’t enjoy from the ground. From choosing the right package to transportation logistics, here’s your ultimate guide to flying across treetops with the Flying Hanuman zipline.

Abseil at Flying Hanuman
Abseil at Flying Hanuman

Flying Hanuman Zipline

Choosing Your Flight

This Zipline adventure park offers three main ziplining packages, from a 30-minute Introductory Flight to longer Epic, Hero, and Superhero routes that have you crisscrossing the rainforest from many exhilarating angles.

Getting There

The zipline is located inland, so arrange private transport from your hotel (Zipline packages provide free transportation)for easiest access through Phuket’s interior hills. Alternatively, you can take a motorbike or Grab taxi but be sure to coordinate return transport ahead of time. Give yourself ample transit time as well – about 1.5 hours from main beach areas.

Ticket Booking Tips

During high season, book adventure park tickets well in advance online to ensure your spot. The experience is not recommended for under 4 years old or over 80 years old due to the physical fitness required. Weight and height restrictions also apply so check before you book.

Zipline skyrail
Zipline skyrail

What to Wear and Bring

Wear athletic closed-toe shoes and comfortable, breathable athletic clothing – shorts and t-shirts are fine. Bring a bandana or cap to protect your hair and sunglasses.(We also provided bandana for protection of hair) You’ll be equipped with a helmet and harness, you can bring GoPros or action cameras if you want. Leave valuables and bags behind in the lockers provided by the adventure park.We are not responsible for your accessories being lost or dropped in the jungle.

Sky Bridge Flying Hanuman
Sky Bridge on FH1 at Flying Hanuman

Ready for Take-Off!

Once checked in and suited up in your ziplining gear, you’ll receive a comprehensive safety briefing before clipping onto the first platform for your adrenaline-pumping flight! With stunning jungle views all around, you’ll soon be zipping and soaring like the hanuman monkeys that inspired this amazing rainforest adventure. Enjoy the thrill!

With these handy tips, you’ll be fully prepared to have an awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience ziplining above gorgeous scenery of Thailand. Flying Hanuman’s thrilling ziplines let you see the island from unique breathtaking perspective as you simply can’t get anywhere else with this amazing adventure through the lush green jungle. Fly through the rainforest canopy and make unforgettable memories, with your family & friends!

Zipline Flying Hanuman Phuket
Zipline Flying Hanuman Phuket

So if you are ready to book that vacation and want to experience some adrenaline fun on the best family vacation ever. Then Flying Hanuman Phuket is waiting for you to explore the depths of the Phuket jungle. We will make sure you enjoy every waking minute of being with us and in the jungle.

There are many learning experiences when flying with Flying Hanuman Phuket. Come and let us take you on this journey to the world and beyond any other experience you have ever witnessed on the island.

We promise to let you enjoy one of the most intense and fun exciting zipline courses from beginner, advanced, to intermediate. We cater to all of those who may or may not have done a zipline course ever. Dont trend away from this lovely and amazing course and exploring the beautiful pristine jungle with us.