Horizon Adventure

Jaw dropping horizon that will leave in awe, as soon as you arrive in the lobby center of our Adventure park, all the way until you reach you first zip-line platform. That is the only way to describe the panorama view of the city as you stand on a wooden platform 50 feet up in the rainforest canopy. As you are clipped to a cable longer than a football field, you are ready to enjoy one of the best times of your trip to Phuket,Thailand.

As  our professional guide grins, gives you a thumbs up to get ready to take, and you get a slightly gentle push from your guide, you are on your way on to an amazing adventure through the tropical rainforest. Adrenaline pumping,  you will soar like a bird over emerald boughs and valleys with views that continue to stun you on this beautiful adventure.

Horizon Fun

Flying Hanuman’s awesome zip-line let adventurous souls and beginners access Phuket’s remote natural beauty as never before. Between thrilling rides, we explore the conservation land’s and the hidden waterfalls and thrive on discovering exotic plants and bird calls rarely experienced by tourists. At Flying Hanuman you can feel the cool breeze of air as you traverse through the jungle rainforest of Phuket’s awesome and most adventurous zip-line park on the planet.

This award winning zip-line park will have you screaming in awe of the excitement that you are experiencing. The mega “Monkey Jump” zip-line almost defies belief, allowing you to run off the platform and fly like the Monkey God himself. Looking out from a hilltop across a wooded gorge to a landing dock at dizzying height, from beginner to advanced adrenaline junkies we are here for you.

As you continue to see  Thailand’s wildlife in the trees as you glide past  the century old trees and beautiful butterflies and birds around you. This velocity park is an experience sure to dazzle any nature enthusiasts and thrill any adrenaline seekers alike.

Horizon Fun

First-timers need not fear ,Flying Hanuman’s experienced guides make sure fun and safety stay top priority. Harnesses let us twist upside down like acrobats for extra excitement! By my final soaring ride along the ridgeback I’m at one with the spectacular surroundings. No wonder visitors rave this is a quintessential Phuket experience. The mountainous views disappearing into blue infinity and wealth of biodiversity from gibbons to hornbills reveal breathtaking tropical vistas beyond the horizon. I’m already planning my next high-flying adventure!

Horizon Flying