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Soar Over Phuket Epic Jungle Zipline Tour

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Epic Flying Adventure

Looking to add an extra dose of adventure to your Phuket getaway? Then clip into your harness and prepare for exhilarating high-speed thrills as you soar like Superman over verdant jungle canopies with Flying Hanuman. This premier zipline operation’s  extreme platform courses lets you glide nearly 100 feet above flourishing rainforest.

Taking in spectacular bird’s-eye perspectives of the island’s lush interior vistas paired with heart-thumping excitement. From navigating wobbly sky bridges to racing your guide down side-by-side parallel lines, Flying Hanuman offers outdoor Phuket fun at its most thrilling.

Your high-energy zipline adventure begins with hotel transport to Flying Hanuman’s welcome sanctuary located just 10 minutes drive from popular west coast beaches. After checking in, your professional guides outfit you with state-of-the-art harnesses, helmets and gloves to optimize both safety and comfort during your forest flight ahead.

Then board an open-air 4×4 safari truck and hold on tight as your drive up a winding bumpy hillside road, thick jungle foliage whizzing past your periphery.Suddenly the dense greenery gives way to reveal your launch platform – a wooden deck with awe-inspiring treetop views overlooking the rainforest valley and Khao Phra Thaeo National Park beyond. While butterflies may initially flutter in your stomach, veteran guides expertly secure you onto the first zipline to ease any worries.

Within seconds of pushing off, feel the wind in your hair as you slice through gorgeous natural scenery. Any tensions immediately give way to childlike glee from the sheer fun of flying high above the jungle floor!

Epic Soaring
Epic Soaring

Over the next 90 minutes, the thrill ride continues as you zigzag between extreme zip-lines and sky bridges seamlessly integrated into the lush forest. Soar like a monkey God over the beautiful jungle green rainforest for over 150 meters on lines sending you slicing through emerald canopies festooned with orchids.

Gaze down in delight at the thriving rainforest underworld, catching glimpses of tropical birds and monkeys frolicking through fruit-bearing banyan and mangosteen trees. Traverse wobbly rope bridges linking towering platforms anchored around magnificent century old tualang trees. Marvel at the engineering masterpiece allowing you to enjoy these unique tree-level sights.

Adventurous souls can also take on Flying Hanuman’s tandem monkey style lines, racing side-by-side with your guide at pulse-raising speeds. Feel the adrenaline rush as you try besting your “opponent” on the parallel dual lines, bantering playfully back and forth. You can even take the zip-lining fun up a notch by going upside down! The harness allows you to flip over and gain an inverted perspective for added excitement.

Epic Adventure Instructions
Epic Adventure Instructions

For the grand finale, take flight on their exhilarating 330-meter long final zip-line whizzing over exotic rainforest as fast as your heart beats. Feeling satisfied and proud, enjoy refreshing drinks and tasty snacks at their charming open-air sanctuary while swapping stories and photos capturing your epic airborne adventures zipping over the emerald island scenery.

Whether you seek an intense adrenaline fix from your Phuket holiday and the busy party life of the Patong street or just simply crave a cool way to escape the beach and connect with untamed tropical nature, Flying Hanuman’s zip-lining thrill ride offers serious high-speed fun, for all for those who are wanting to explore the green forest of Phuket.

Let their veteran guides secure you safely as you clip into cutting-edge gear and take off on an incredible soaring journey across flourishing forests by air! Your harness allows you to channel your inner superhero, discovering Phuket’s vibrant interior jungle habitats up close while “flying” 100 feet high at thrilling speeds.

Epic fun in the rain
Epic fun in the rain