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A Decade of Eco-Friendly Family Fun

Decade of Excitement

Decades of Fun

This rainforest luxury rests an eco-adventure seeker’s paradise beckoning the thrill for hungry adrenaline adventurous visitors to new heights. Since 2011 Flying Hanuman. has been the most eco-friendly adventure park in Phuket. Here at Flying Hanuman this conservation is focused on active park activities and spans over 300 acres of thriving island rainforest allowing kids, families, couples and groups to challenge themselves across zip-lines, sky bridges and abseiling cliffs with a satisfying mix of adrenaline and eco-education.

In Phuket there are not many outside adventure activities to do, so Flying Hanuman became the beacon of having outside learning adventures all while perserving the rainforest and the nature within the rainforest. For many to enjoy and galore over Flying Hanuman is the best place for family and kids to have fun their summer or winter vacation in the sun. Grab your sunscreen and get ready for an amazing adventure in the beautiful Phuket rainforest.

Decades of Hiking Fun
Decades of Hiking Fun

Today Flying Hanuman’s multiple zip-lining routes soar over exotic flowering plants and a cascading waterfall that is within the distance of the rainforest called “Kathu Waterfall” between exciting activity stations aimed at cultivating respect for these fragile habitats. With decades of soaring and decades of happiness. This park gives you the best thrills to enjoy while vacationing.

Walking through the rainforest you can find many signs about the century-old trees and the fruit trees that are within the forest. All ticket sales go to those animals and marine life saved by rescue programs funded substantially by park proceeds. Visitors of all ages come away not just thrilled by zipping, hiking, and sky bridges, but understand environmental challenges facing Asia first-hand.

Of course, most initially flock to Flying Hanuman for pulse-racing adventures and bragworthy social media moments gliding like birds over thick rainforests. Families gravitate towards beginner-friendly activities like gentle “Flying Squirrel” ziplines under 30 feet while daredevils soar Superman-style on the extreme 1,700-foot “Flying Hanuman” line hitting nearly 60 mph! But everyone leaves rewarded.

Decades Built Eco-Friendly Relaxation
Decades Built Eco-Friendly Relaxation

When visitors depart newly energized about supporting conservation efforts however major or minor we find our best to take care of the future generation of eco-system in our world.” Here at Flying Hanuman we are constantly  “Instilling caretaker mentalities to ensure these forests thrive for future generations.”

Beyond zip-lines, onsite dining outlets like Three Monkeys Restaurant (located at Hanuman World location) serve sustainably sourced meals to enjoy on breezy verandas after working up jungle-exploring appetites. Signatures like coconut shrimp cakes, massaman veggie curries, and mango sticky rice use local ingredients while organic coffees and artisan smoothies refresh thirsts between their adventures.

So whether you seek adrenaline-pumping zip lines, moderate jungle walks, or simpler pleasures interacting with playful gibbons, Flying Hanuman offers dynamic eco-activities for ages 4 and up. Discover your courage soaring over valleys, marvel at bright ecosystems, and support sustainability ensuring extreme decades of fun in Phuket’s treasured interior paradise thrives for generations. Your family’s rainforest adventure awaits!

Decades of Couple Fun
Decades of Couple Fun

So if you are looking for an amazing adventure and great food, go ahead and book your tickets before the line gets over whelming long. Our website has what you need and it is best to book in advanced to guarantee your jump start to most epic jungle zip-line course in Phuket,Thailand.

Groups, and individual bookings are available, we promise the best adventure of a lifetime, come and enjoy your vacation doing some wild and free swinging in one the best zip-line park adventure tours in Thailand.We are waiting for you!

For bookings please contact us directly here on our website or by phone call to book your exciting adventure today. Your only one step away from the most epic family and friends vacation ever. Come and enjoy decades of unbelievable fun, in the best jungle adventure of all times.