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An Epic Bucket List Zipline

Jungle List Adventure

Bucket List Adventure

As one of Phuket’s premier attractions, the Flying Hanuman jungle zip-line has secured its spot as a must-do bucket list item for adventure travelers visiting Thailand’s popular beach destination. With its rainforest location, extreme zip-lines stretching over half a kilometer long, and stellar safety standards, Flying Hanuman gives thrill-seekers an unforgettable and world-class zip-lining experience.

Designed and operated by a true zip-lining pioneer, Flying Hanuman’s course through the lush forest reserve in Phuket. It features a series of high thrilling zip-lines that let you live out your wildest Tarzan dreams. it lets you test your adrenaline limits on zip-lines for all those who are looking for an amazing time during their vacation .

With lines reaching towering heights up to 300 meters and blazing speeds over 65 km/hr as you glide over giant trees and valleys and get amazing views of the city. It’s an incredible adrenaline rush! The expert guides help set the pace, while the shorter lines give you a chance to catch your breath and admire mesmerizing rainforest scenery and exotic wildlife that is surrounding you.

Bucket List zip-line
Bucket List zip-line

While the individual zip-lines themselves impress in length, height, and speed; the surrounding natural scenery is equally breathtaking. Get an eagle’s eye view of rolling jungle valleys, towering limestone cliffs, and the Andaman Sea glittering in the distance.

With other visitors watching beneath you at other zipline platforms through the canopy beside you and colorful butterflies fluttering underneath, it’s an immersive multi-sensory experience that engages all your senses. The knowledgeable guides enhance the adventure by highlighting unique jungle sights and explaining the ecology of the reserve along the way.

But Flying Hanuman’s most remarkable feature is its innovative dual-line system that sets the highest standard for zip-line safety without compromising on the epic adventure. Each zipline boasts a separate cable for safety and braking. This means you can focus on the thrill of flying high above the jungle rather than stressing over equipment functionality. The system even allows two people to ride tandem, making it a great family-friendly thrill.

Bucket List Sky Rail Adventure
Bucket List Sky Rail Adventure

Bucket-List Heights

From the moment you set foot in the scenic base camp until the final exhilarating zip-line ride, the Flying Hanuman team’s exceptional customer service and expertise personalities shine through from beginning to the end of your exit out the adventure park, you will be greeted with the utmost respect and happiness. They fit you with top-quality gear while providing in-depth safety training tailored for first-timers and adventurous alike.

Before tackling the course at your own pace our lovely guides keep their watchful eyes on you as you zip-line with them. It is this attention to detail that sets Flying Hanuman apart as a world-class zip-lining operator.

They make sure every customer is comfortable and safe, and if you are afraid of heights and cannot complete the entire program we will emergency exit you walking back the trail to the lobby of the flying hanuman while you relax, catch a breath, and a drink of water while you wait for you friends and family members to come back down from the journey.


Bucket-List zipline Happiness
Bucket-List zipline Happiness

So if you and your family are looking for an exciting and bucket-list check off. Then come to enjoy Flying Hanuman in Phuket, Thailand. We are here waiting for you to come and accomplish your bucket list goals and step onto the ultimate zipline park platforms at Flying Hanuman. Come and enjoy this peace of paradise in the heart of your lovely vacation on the island. Book your tickets with us online or send us a message on Line app, or our WhatsApp. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bucket-list adventure in Phuket