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Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday at Flying Hanuman

Family Course Fun

Birthday Celebrations

How to celebrate your Birthday, when you come to Phuket and you are looking for a way to celebrate your kids’ birthday party with some awesome fun for the entire family and friends you want it to be a truly unique and unforgettable way to celebrate your child’s birthday. Well, look no further than Flying Hanuman. This one-of-a-kind adventure park is in the heart of Phuket Town. It offers birthday party packages at its local Three Monkeys restaurant that will thrill and delight kids of all ages with their own special meals, birthday cake, and birthday songs.

Located in the lush forests of Kathu, Flying Hanuman is dedicated to preserving and protecting century-old trees, beautiful arthropods, and other non-human bugs and fruit trees to enjoy. The sanctuary spans over 100 acres of meticulously recreated habitats designed to allow the natural flow of animals and insects to live as they would in their natural environments.

But Flying Hanuman is not just a sanctuary – it is also an incredible place for learning, discovery, and making memories that will last a lifetime. Their specially designed zipline packages allow kids to explore the Phuket forest and have fun, all while learning about their environment.

Birthday enjoying Zipline

After being greeted by one of the sanctuary’s knowledgeable guides, the birthday child and their guests will get to learn and understand the zipline and the environment as they embark on their journey. They will learn all about the century-old trees and how long the park has been standing and active in Phuket, also as well as the awards they have gotten since being opened as the most eco-friendly park in Thailand.

The fun continues with plenty of photo opportunities to capture these beautiful and fun ziplines, abseil, and sky bridge activities. Older kids will go bananas for the abseil, and skywalk bridges that are suitable for ages 4+, everything here is suited for ages 4+ by height, If they are underweight a guide will always do the activities with them so they can ensure fun.

This experience kicks off with an amazing drive from your hotel to the local zipline park, where you can enjoy a great morning and afternoon drive. But the real thrill comes when the guests are brought to the entrance of the park where they can see the huge Hanuman face statue and snap some amazing photos. Kids can enjoy looking at the architecture and the videos around the park, and of course, we can document every smile and silly face with cameras at the ready. As well as you can enjoy snapping photos of them as well.

Buffet at FH

No birthday at Flying Hanuman would be complete without decorations and a cake when you book a table at the Three Monkeys restaurant. (located at Hanuman World location) The three monkeys-dedicated party pavilions provide a perfect rustic setting for kids to eat and dine on good food and celebratory sweets while being surrounded by the sights and sounds of these remarkable rainforest residents.

The parks’ staff are passionate zipline experts who take great pride in sharing their love and knowledge of the park with visitors of all ages. As part of every birthday experience, kids will learn all about the century-old trees and the conservation efforts to protect them. It’s a celebration of life, discovery, and respect for our closest genetic knowledge of the kingdom.

Flying Hanuman is committed to ensuring that every birthday is not only tremendously fun and engaging for the kids, but also safe, secure, and responsibly managed.  Safety is our top protocol and welfare policies are in place to protect both guests and the environment. A portion of all birthday (booked tickets) proceeds go directly towards the continued care and preservation efforts at the park.

Birthday fun and Happiness

So for a child’s birthday party that will provide lasting memories and invaluable education, there’s no place quite like Hanuman World. Give your kid or kids the gift of an adventure they will never forget! from traveling to the adventure park to enjoying the food at the park, and the zipline adventure activities. Zipline packages can be booked online or by calling the adventure park.