Zipline in the middle of tropical rain forest, high ropes challenges in Phuket

You may have planned your trip in Phuket or You plan to go over your way around Phuket by renting a motorbike or car. One of the “MUST” activity to try while you in Phuket is Zipping through the trees in the natural rainforest in Phuket with Flying Hanuman.

Your holiday will more comprehensible with this activity. You will able to fly above the tropical trees and dropping off into the spectacular gorge and then seeing Phuket geographical landscape where sea and mountain splitting like the moon and sun.

Here Flying Hanuman: Flying High, Fast, long like a Hanuman according to Thai myth literature renowned

Flying above tropical tree will fully get at Flying Hanuman where located six kilometers away from Patong beach, a thrill-seeking adventure which will give you a special chance to visit Phuket rainforest. It is one of the attractive eco-tourism of Thailand where you can take a five-minute drive from Kathu waterfall.

Twenty-eight zip lines form part of a high-ropes adventure course allowing you to fly over pristine bushland and wildfire and there you will be hearing a musical sound from the variety of birds. Variety of natural habit will be available to see while flying for crossing to second mountains. Many Local visitors renown “We were flying fast like a Hanuman” Comparatively, like a hawk looking for its victim from 400 meters above the sky, before come for hunting organism in the jungle. As one of the longest distance is 400 meters zipline.

Flying Hanuman treat environment sustainably for the next future generation.

Ecotourism is booming in Thailand; that is no secret. But given this stunning haven of relatively untouched nature is no longer so hush-hush, great care towards the environment has been part of their policies for ensuring that the structure makes a positive impact to the environment in the long run.

So, Out of concern for many environmentalists. Flying Hanuman zipline is built for a high purpose: giving a subconscious for loving nature in order to reduce deforestation in Thailand. When you visit or come to Patong (a few minutes drive to Flying Hanuman) and try playing flying hanuman Phuket, you will highly be observed with the beauty of Thailand forest as well as enjoys the zip line and then you will love and care them subconsciously.