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The Thrilling Adventures of Flying & Hanuman World

Lush Green Playground

Nestled in the heart of Phuket’s lush rainforest, Flying Hanuman is an exciting zipline park that takes its inspiration from the legendary Hindu deity Hanuman. The park is a tribute to Hanuman’s extraordinary strength and courage, offering a range of exhilarating activities that let visitors uniquely explore the beautiful natural surroundings. Here at Flying Hanuman, we will guarantee an amazing time with us and our staff, from zip-lining to ending your adventure with lunch and cool drinks from the cafe.

Zipline Above the Treetops

Flying Hanuman is an adrenaline-pumping offered by the same company, taking you even higher into the jungle canopy. The experience at this epic zipline park is all about pushing boundaries and defying gravity. It takes you on a whirl-wind ride above the trees while enjoying the beautiful sights above the canopies, and the jungle trees and waterfall below you. The sights to see are amazing and the cool breeze of the wind will keep you at ease while on your journey.

Entrance to Hanuman World

Lush Jungle Scenery Hanuman World Phuket

 The Thrilling Experiences

1. Ziplining at New Heights: This amazing zip-line park offers a unique ziplining experience that includes the opportunity to zipline while also enjoying the views of nature and the sounds of the waterfall nearby This serendipity adds an extra layer of excitement, to your adventure, and a way to understand what ziplining is all about.

2. Hike and Climb: This amazing trip involves traversing bridges and hiking up steep paths to reach the platforms. It’s not just about ziplining but also immersing yourself in the jungle environment, and seeing what the Phuket jungle has to offer.

3. Nature Trails and Insights: This nature walk provides a deeper connection to nature with guided tours and informative talks about the local flora and fauna. You’ll learn about the importance of conservation and biodiversity in this adventure in the rainforest, do not miss out on an adventurous learning experience for all.

Lush Entrance of Flying Hanuman

The Adventures of Flying Hauman

1. Ziplining Through the Canopy: Flying Hanuman is famous for its extensive zip-line adventure that takes you high above the forest floor, allowing you to soar through the treetops. The combination of adrenaline and the breathtaking views is truly awe-inspiring for family and friends to enjoy.

2. Wanon Restaurant: After your adventures on zip-line adventure you can sit at our carved wooden tables. Take a relaxing drink or a nice Thai/western lunch at the Restaurant at Flying Hanuman. Indulge in great cuisine while relaxing and enjoying the scenery of being in the lush green jungle of Phuket.

3. Snacks: You can enjoy our snacks from Lady Coco ice cream to watermelon smoothies. After you eat you can purchase your photos and videos from our photo booth.

4. Taxi: After you have completed all of your adventures at Flying Hanuman you can then board your taxi compliment of us, with any (Combined Packages) back to your hotel. you can then relax for the day’s adventure.

Lush Zipline Fun

Booking Your Adventure

Both Hanuman World and Flying Hanuman are easily accessible in Phuket, and they cater to adventurers of all ages(4-70 years old) and levels(Pro, Beginner, Advanced). The company places a strong emphasis on safety, ensuring that you’re well-prepared for your adventure. Whether you choose to explore the treetops of the rainforest at Hanuman World or take flight with the gravity-defying experiences of Flying Hanuman.

You are in for an unforgettable journey through the natural beauty of Phuket. With these two exhilarating experiences, you’ll leave Phuket with lasting memories and a deep appreciation for the island’s captivating landscapes. So, do not miss the chance to explore these two adventure parks on your next trip to this enchanting destination in Thailand.

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