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Unleashing the Fearless Power of Your Bravery

As your plane descended through the clouds over the tropical island of Phuket. Letting go and taking in every moment of arriving in Thailand. You and your friends and family can feel the excitement. If this is your first time visiting Phuket, let’s take every moment of the island. You have been looking forward to much-needed relaxation on the sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. You can still do that after you have some fun. Little did you know this trip would be more than just a vacation. This trip would become the ultimate travel voyage. You would enjoy the best high-flying fun at the exclusive eco-friendly adventure park, Flying Hanuman.

Letting Go and Enjoying Fun

On your first days exploring Phuket Town, you should stop by at the local Thai markets, to get some amazing shopping done. This can be in the morning or at night. If you want to experience more of an adventure before you do some shopping, you can take an adrenaline adventure over to Flying Hanuman in Kathu.

As you gear up for the Flying Hanuman zipline adventure in the lush jungles. You cannot help but feel the ultimate energy surge of excitement. As you and your company arrive at the adventure park you will begin to feel the race of your beating through your shirt as you wait. When your guide comes to take you to get harnessed up for the ultimate adventure. You will begin to be filled with adrenaline. As you think about the zipline adventure, you and your friends’ hearts start to pound with nervousness.  You all will be reminded of the safety precautions. As you are prepared to soar like the legendary monkey deity himself across a series of ultra-scenic ziplines.

Letting Go and vacay fun With Family

Letting Go & Living

As each ziplining segment ended our screams from across the jungle went into laughter. Everyone on these adventures is cheering with pure laughter, and uninhibited joy enjoying those fleeting moments of absolute adrenaline. For a few blissful seconds, my mind was freed.  There was nowhere to go but here in that electrifying state of aliveness. As you continue to explore this journey through the amazing lush green jungle with friends and family, you will enjoy the cool breeze of fresh air. Letting go and flying across the jungle and through the trees, exploring the traverse course, you will understand the safety.

As you fly between gentle gargantuan trees, sun rays filtering through the jungle canopy. Your entire zipline adventure happiness and fun will become anchored with the rich simplicity of the jungle. Everyone takes in the beauty of the century-old trees with the ambiance of the sunrise and a view of the city. These zipline courses are ones for the books. From past-present- and future, these are the moments you want to enjoy. Experience the best adventure park on the island while you are on vacation.

Letting Go of Fear

Letting Go Of Fear

As your friends, family, and significant others zipped fearlessly between trees cloaked in vibrant jungle bliss. So many thoughts and adrenaline rush through your brain. If your heart is pounding as you are going from platform to platform. You are screaming at the top of your lungs with fear and happiness at the same time. You are scared, you are also fearless, but you are accomplishing the fear of being high in the air in the jungle. On this epic adventure, you are creating some of the best memories and you are getting over your fears.

 Instead of being afraid of every line, every drop, or every sky bridge. We were living like Hanuman himself. In a state of shock, as we continued the course, we noticed that the guides were very safe with everyone, especially the children. This is by far one of the safest zipline adventures we have been on. On each new launch from the zipline platforms, we took in embodied every scream and heart-pounding speed.

By the end of our ziplining journey, we were well aware of how to operate and listen to our guides. we felt released from all of our problems and enjoyed having fun. For your family vacation, it is important to experience the most eco-friendly zipline parks. This award-winning park, made us feel like we were at home on our vacation. I think your families will enjoy a Phuket vacation more than any other.

If you want to enjoy an adrenaline rush while letting go and enjoying the moment, while visiting the tropical Island of Phuket. Then I suggest going to Flying Hanuman and any of the other locations that they have in the heart of Phuket. This is one of the most amazing family vacation spots and a must-visit when coming to this beautiful. Island. We had an easy booking online via their website. But there are many ways to book via phone call, email, or even WhatsApp or Line app. Go and enjoy this parallel universe amongst the Phuket Jungle.