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Soaring Through the Majestic Jungle

Cruising With Friends & Family

Cruising the Forest

There is a new cruising rush in the adventure sports world that is taking thrill-seekers to new heights. It is called Flying Hanuman, and it involves soaring across ziplines, trailing down abseils, and walking across sky bridges. Flying Hanuman allows you to control your descent with screams and some go pro-action from your camera or phone.

This adds an exciting element of holding onto your phones and cameras all while holding on to the zipline rope. I recently had a chance to experience flying hanuman at a world-class zipline park tucked into the lush rainforests of Phuket. As someone who loves an adrenaline kick, I could not resist the adventure of being up on the zipline course.

Cruising the Ultimate Zipline

Cruising Hanuman’s Way

After receiving safety guidelines on what to do and not do on the zipline. You will then make your way up the 2-minute trail to your first platform. The launching point for the first of eight ziplines that you would be riding that day. As the anticipation builds you step into the Hanuman jungle and push off from the platform. The ultimate adventure escape.

In an instant, you will find yourself zipping along at high speeds. As you pass through a tunnel of towering trees, see a kaleidoscope of greens and browns as you flourish through the jungle. As the wind rushes all around you, you enjoy the ultimate level of adrenaline. Aiming for ultimate exclusive adventures in Phuket, Flying Hanuman lets you enjoy multiple adventures in one.

The park has many levels of zipline and other adrenaline activities for all to enjoy. By the third zipline, you will start to get the hang of being so high zipping and screaming from tree to tree, and platform to platform.

As you speed through each activity in the forest you will start to understand why zipling is such an awesome activity to do on vacation. Zipping from one canyon across to the next, the sense of speed only seemed to build as the zipline lengths increased in the course.

Cruising The Jungle

Cruising on the longest zipline in the jungle can be awesome for adrenaline seekers.  As a belay cable allows you to perform mid-line drops where you would freefall 100 feet down toward a platform. This is known as an abseil drop. These are long drops in the middle of the zipline course. Allowing visitors to do the course safely with their guides.

The guides will lead the course throughout, and attach and reattach your zipline gear per launch. holding onto one end of the abseil rope you will be lowered slowly, then you can spread your arms eagle wide. This gives you leverage to be free.

Hitting the end drop you will then wait for everyone to finish, so you can head to your next zipline point. Before finishing the course, the zipline speed will increase and get longer. Giving you a view of the entire jungle and its beauty.

Despite the ziplines getting more and more audacious in pushing the limits. The beautiful combination of the harness safety systems and guides will allow you to enjoy the adrenaline rush. You do not have to be an expert in ziplining. Because the guides are there to guide you the entire way on the adventure.  By the end of the adventure course,  you will be executing even the hardest points.

Cruising Couples

As you finish up your course, you will hike back through the jungle with our guides. You will notice more fellow Hanuman flyers as well as other activities that you have not yet completed. While this adventure is not like Base jumping, you still get the ultimate thrill and safety on the journey.

Flying Hanuman Zipline Park delivers an experience that is uniquely immersive to all of our visitors from across the world. It is not just an adventure of extreme ziplining, but it is more like a superpower for adrenaline seekers.

The progression of ziplining and adrenaline make for an addictive recipe of airtime. If you ever have the opportunity to fly at a Hanuman zipline park. Then take the adventure with all of its glory.

Cruising Altitudes