Flying Hanuman Guest Review from 1

Flying Hanuman Guest Review from

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Flying Hanuman Guest Review from 1

Mr Ibrahim – Nigeria
I saw the Flying Hanuman brochure in my hotel and wanted to come and come and try it out. I‘ve seen the natural forest before, but seeing it from so high up in the trees is amazing, you really feel like you’re flying like a monkey between the trees. It’s a really exciting time! Anybody who visits Thailand should head for Phuket and experience Flying Hanuman; it’s an experience that you will never forget!

Flying Hanuman Guest Review from 2

Mr Denis & girlfriend – Los Angeles USA
We found out about Flying Hanuman from the internet and the hotel told us that it’s really exciting and we should come and try it. It’s so crazy, I felt like a monkey! It’s the best experience ever! I really recommend this place to everybody!

Flying Hanuman Guest Review from 3

Linda Kemp & Family Australia
Somebody at our resort told us their son had been to flying Hanuman and loved it, so they told us to come along. It’s amazing, awesome and fantastic! You really are amongst nature here and the sights and smells are incredible. I will be coming back in October and make sure I bring all my family to come and experience Flying Hanuman.

Flying Hanuman Guest Review from 4

In-Sen Choi & girlfriend – Germany
A very good friend of mine was here last week and recommended Flying Hanuman to me. The feeling of flying freely between these trees is great. If you read this you have to come to Flying Hanuman, it’s something you will never forget.

Flying Hanuman Guest Review from 5

Ankur & Shreya Mathur – New York USA
We heard about Flying Hanuman on Tripadvisor and as it says on there the experience is amazing. It was so much fun and the guides make it even more enjoyable. It really is an adrenaline rush! We would recommend Flying Hanuman to anyone who comes to Phuket; it’s a once in a lifetime experience! An awesome time!

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